THE ROCKS PUSH swim shorts & board shorts are made from REPREVE, a regenerated yarn made from recycled plastic bottles that otherwise may have ended up in our oceans.

We’ve created two styles of shorts for men.


The popular longer length Blueys style short is traditionally tailored with an internal drawstring, a zip fly and belt loops on the fixed waist.  We’ve added a four-way stretch, a back zip pocket for your valuables and front side pockets. Blueys are inspired by traditional long board shorts.  They will take you from the beach to the bar as quickly as you can throw on THE ROCKS PUSH Linen Shirt.


Our best selling Balmoral short style is a summer classic with a relaxed fit and four-way stretch that moves with you. These are wear-everywhere, do-anything shorts because of their laid-back relaxed fit, an ode to Balmoral Beach, with an elastic waist and a zip back pocket, which help to secure your things. Whether you're paddleboarding, surfing, hiking, hitting the beach, or having dinner with friends, this is the pair you need.

More than 33 billion plastic bottles have been recycled by REPREVE and turned not only into THE ROCKS PUSH swim shorts but also athletic apparel, cars, shoes, sporting equipment and more. 

The REPREVE process embeds properties like wicking, adaptive warming and cooling, water repellency, and durability in a quality driven recyclable product.

It’s just not just finding new life for recycled materials. Compared to a virgin fibre, REPREVE offsets using new petroleum, emitting fewer greenhouse gasses and conserving water and energy in the process. 

For every pair of THE ROCKS PUSH men’s swim shorts, five plastic bottles have been saved from the ocean and going into landfill. 

Some good has been done for tomorrow.

The REPREVE fabric is created at Unifi’s advanced recycling facility where plastic bottles are sorted, washed, and chopped into flake material. The clean flake is blended, melted, and turned into REPREVE a recycled chip and then loaded in silos. One silo can hold the equivalent of 27 million plastic bottles. The chip goes through the extrusion and texturing process and is transformed into fibres with inherent performance properties.

REPREVE is durable, breathable, long lasting, water-resistant, fights against odours, and is lightweight.

Unlike polyester, REPREVE offsets the need to produce new petroleum, emits fewer greenhouse gasses and conserves water and energy in the production process. This is in stark contrast to virgin polyester which requires the petrochemical cycle to continue for its production.

Plastic waste has been diverted from the oceans and landfills to create durable, sustainable fibres that can be used in textile fabrics like THE ROCKS PUSH swim shorts.

We have two styles for men, both tailored for comfort and a unique fit.

The Balmoral men’s swim short has an elasticated drawstring waist and tie for comfort and a wide leg, this style is perfect for swim, sport and social.  The leg length is 38cm long and ends just above the knee on someone who is 6 feet tall.

The Blueys men’s board short is a longer leg short based on a traditional board short.  It ends just at the knee and has a zip and button fly at the top and an internal drawstring to keep them on safely when doing big dives.  The leg length is 42cm long and ends on the knee on someone who is 6 feet tall.

Men’s board shorts traditionally feature a long tailored fit and a cut that falls to, or below the knee to protect a surfer’s knees from scraping when popping off the board. 

On the other hand, men’s swim shorts offer a loser fit and shorter style that allows you to do everything from a morning beach workout, a game of beach cricket, paddleboarding and any other activity you can manage to squeeze into your day.

The one thing THE ROCKS PUSH board shorts and swim shorts have in common is you will look effortlessly stylish from the beach to bar in whatever pair you choose.

Our swim shorts, board shorts, European linen shirts and rashies run to a standard size.  It’s best to have a look at our size charts to check before ordering. 

The swim shorts and board shorts are based on waist measurements for men and age measurements for boys.

The linen shirts and rashies are based on chest measurements. 

Please see the size charts and if you have any questions jump on the chat or send us an email at enquiries@therockspush.com

Great question. We recommend washing THE ROCKS PUSH swim shorts, board shorts and rashies in cold water and by hand if possible, which helps reduce the micro-fibres shed from clothing entering our waterways. If you want to wash your shorts in the machine we love the Guppy Bag, which does the job for you.  We recommend using gentle detergent and washing with like colours.

Your shorts and rashie will like drying in the shade to keep their colour. 

Yes they do. We've put a mesh liner in our swim shorts & board shorts so there are no transparency surprises when you come out of the water.

But, the mesh is easily removed with small hand scissors if you prefer to wear your swim shorts or board shorts without mesh lining. Simply cut it out.

Absolutely anything from THE ROCKS PUSH.

THE ROCKS PUSH men’s and boys’ board shorts and swim shorts are woven from REPREVE®, a soft, innovative yarn made from recycled plastic water bottles.

Our swim shorts and board shorts not only feel soft to the touch, they also have a unique four-way performance stretch, they are quick to dry and have a secure back zip pocket. It’s hard to believe, but there are five recycled plastic bottles in every pair of THE ROCKS PUSH men’s shorts.  So with each purchase, you’re helping remove waste from landfill and our oceans.  Look good, feel good and do good in THE ROCKS PUSH board shorts and swim shorts. 

Great question and really easy answer.  Team THE ROCKS PUSH board shorts at the beach with an unbuttoned European Flax linen shirt also from THE ROCKS PUSH, then as the sun goes down or a lunch invite rolls in do the shirt up. WIth three easy colours to choose from white, dusty blue and ink, THE ROCKS PUSH European Flax linen shirts can be worn dressed up or down with any pair of THE ROCKS PUSH board shorts or swim shorts.  The easiest summer outfit you can purchase.

Absolutely you can, wear them all day, everyday.  From monochrome patterns to graphic prints, THE ROCKS PUSH men’s board shorts and swim shorts offer versatile pieces you can easily work into your trans-seasonal and travel wardrobe. Soft fabrications that feel great against your skin, and if you look at the reviews page you’ll see one of the biggest compliments THE ROCKS PUSH shorts receive are, that people don’t chafe in them.  So wet or dry, you can make the perfect style statement in a pair of THE ROCKS PUSH board shorts or swim shorts when you’re catching waves, running to grab a coffee or cheersing with a cold bevvy with your best mates at the end of the day.

We are an Australian owned company and we choose to work with partners who share our values, who believe in sustainability, ethical manufacturing, and making the best product. 

We have a small and niche fashion manufacturing industry here in Australia. Like most industries, different countries specialise in making different garments.  The vast majority of recycled, high-performance fabrics are made overseas. That being said when we can make in Australia we do.

THE ROCKS PUSH swim shorts and board shorts are made from REPREVE, it is a recycled fiber made in Italy from recycled plastic bottles. This season we are working with a family-owned unit in Thailand as our manufacturing partner.  They are SA8000 certified, this certification ensures fair wages and safe and healthy conditions. 

THE ROCKS PUSH linen shirts are made from 100% European flax, a textile not only made in Europe but also sourced from flax fibers grown in Europe. Then the shirts are sewn in Thailand by our manufacturing partner.

THE ROCKS PUSH rashies are made from 78% ECONYL.  ECONYL is made in Italy from made from ghost fishing nets, old carpets and nylon industrial waste which would otherwise pollute the earth. We then work with a family-owned unit in Burleigh Heads, Queensland to sew THE ROCKS PUSH rashies for us.

Quality is our top priority, we want to make the best product for a fair price for our environment and for those who make it.  We are proud to be Australian owned and proud to support our manufacturing partners.

We have made our swim shorts in Australia before, but we were unable to keep up with demand and the small garment manufacturing industry in Australia doesn’t have the specialised machines we require to finish our swim shorts to the standard we feel gives you the best performance and comfort.

We are however making our new long sleeve rashies in Australia this year with a family-owned unit in Burleigh Heads, Queensland who are cutting and sewing THE ROCKS PUSH rashies for us.

We design all the prints we use in our swim shorts & board shorts range.

We also love collaborating with others in the design process - we've worked with Australia artists, influencers and other brands in the past. We're always open to opportunities so if you know someone we should be working with please reach out at enquiries@therockspush.com

We're sorry. We don’t usually restock items, so we suggest if you find something you love grab it while stocks last so you're not disappointed.

THE ROCKS PUSH linen shirts are made from European flax.

European flax is a flowering plant grown in Southwestern European countries. Also known as linseed or Linum usitatissimum, the unique climate allows the plants to grow as tall as one metre with no irrigation. In the cool, sea-adjacent climate, natural rainfall is the only water it needs, 6.4 litres per linen shirt, compared with cotton, which requires 2,700 litres of water for just one shirt! 

The exceptionally soft, strong, long fibres they produce are the raw material used to loom the coveted European fabric.  Flax fibres are soft as is. But when spun into threads, woven into fabric, washed, dried and used regularly, the material becomes more luxuriously buttery and continues to soften over time. And after years of laundering, it won't lose its signature strength or classic shape.

Linen woven from European flax makes up less than 1% of textiles sold globally. In other words, European linen is a rare fabric.

The European Flax Standard certification ensures products are authentic and ethically produced. A commitment to ethical labor practices and production transparency is part of the European Flax Standard criteria. The certification adheres to guidelines set by the International Labour Organisation, which ensures fair pay, equity and productive employment in humane working conditions. This ethical sourcing is crucial, as linen production relies heavily on manual labour.

We recommend washing your linen shirt in cold water and by hand if possible and hanging flat in the shade to dry. 

We recommend using gentle detergent and washing with like colours.

THE ROCKS PUSH rashies are made from ECONYL® a 100% regenerated nylon made in Italy from nylon waste. ECONYL® is composed of salvaged fishing nets, fabric scraps, carpet flooring and industrial plastic that has been rescued from all over the world. ECONYL® yarn never loses its virgin qualities which means it can be recycled an infinite amount of times, making it a perfect sustainable solution. By using ECONYL®, we’re able to turn a waste problem into soft, water resistant, high quality swimwear.  

Our rashies are rated UPF50+, the highest protective rating available in the world for maximum sun protection, soft and breathable and thanks to its innovative construction, it is twice as resistant to chlorine and suntan creams than other fabrics. It is soft to the touch and due to its construction doesn’t lose its shape even when wet. It dries super quickly, and is moisture wicking which means it draws the moisture away from your skin. It is fade and chlorine resistant, ensuring a longer life.               

We’ve created two long sleeve styles of rashies in two colours this summer.  

The men have a flattering V neck, and the boys’ a comfortable round neck. 

Great question. We recommend washing THE ROCKS PUSH rashies in cold water and by hand if possible, which helps reduce the micro-fibres shed from clothing entering our waterways. We recommend using gentle detergent and leaving it flat in the shade to dry.

THE ROCKS PUSH Rashies are stitched in Australia using recycled fabric made in Italy. 

We actually work with a family-owned unit in Burleigh Heads, Queensland who are cutting and sewing THE ROCKS PUSH rashies for us.

THE ROCKS PUSH rashies are based on chest measurements.  Please see the size chart link on the bottom of the page in the footer.


We pack and ship your order in 100% biodegradable and 100% home compostable satchels made from corn starch from The Better Packaging Co.

Even our swing tags are made from recycled paper with vegetable ink.

This season we also pack our shorts in an ready-to-gift, reusable pouch with zip. This can be used as a bathroom bag, clutch, bag to store your valuables at the beach, a home for matchbox cars...the possibilities are endless.

THE ROCKS PUSH is committed to building a sustainable future, not just with what we do, but by also supporting others who have the same dream of making tomorrow better.

For 10 years our impact partner has been the Australian Marine Conservation Society. Australia's only national charity dedicated exclusively to protecting ocean wildlife and their homes.

To support their incredible work, THE ROCKS PUSH specifically designs and produces a limited-edition pair of recyclable swim shorts each year. 

100% of profits are donated to the Australian Marine Conservation Society.

The swim shorts for Summer 2023 are THE ROCKS PUSH Balmoral Orcas X AMCS.

We are very sorry if your item has a fault.  We aim to make the best quality product but sometimes, things don’t go to plan.  Please take a photo of the faulty item and send an email to us telling us what has happened, and we will get back to you.  Our email address is enquiries@therockspush.com Please put FAULTY in the subject line.

Your ideas, feedback and suggestions are important to us and we look forward to hearing from you.

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We love working with like-minded brands and ambassadors. Please email us at enquiries@therockspush.com and tell us what your ideas are. 

THE ROCKS PUSH is an Australian sustainable brand.

THE ROCKS PUSH offers a combination of sustainability, performance, quality, and unique Australian style that appeals to environmentally conscious consumers who value high-quality fashion and stylish board shorts, swim shorts and leisurewear that is made to last.