THE Push

THE ROCKS PUSH was established in 2012 we’re an independent, family owned and run, Australian sustainably-focused fashion brand.

Our name comes from one of the most powerful gangs that ruled Sydney in the 1800’s.  Members were easily recognisable as they were the best dressed in town.

Today we live with a purpose, we respect people and we're kind to our planet. 

We were the first in the market 10 years ago to sell sustainable men’s swimwear that was made out of salvaged ocean plastic, we’re thrilled to see others have followed.  

We believe innovation is the key to looking good, feeling good and doing good, so we have made it our mission to consciously keep innovating our products with a better tomorrow in mind. 

Our Board Shorts help clean the oceans.

Our Linen Shirts help the earth breathe easier.

Our Rashies help reduce pollution.

It is our promise to deliver sustainably sourced and ethically made leisurewear not only for the sake of our beautiful planet but also for the happiness of our community



Together we can have real impact, by consciously respecting our planet, partners, communities, and most importantly, each other. How we treat people defines us. The quality of our relationships leads to a quality in how we do business.

We are two Australian women and we choose to work with partners who share our values, who believe in sustainability, ethical manufacturing, and making the best product. 

We are committed to fair trade practices and supporting the people who make our product. 

We respect those who work with us and those who buy from us.


Our planet gives us so much, it’s our job to ensure we protect it for tomorrow.

We’re aware that every part of the process in our supply chain generates an environmental impact on our planet. In order to do business we can’t completely eradicate this impact but we monitor it and reduce what we can.

We take a responsible view, looking at all aspects of our business - from the materials we source to how our factories operate in order to look at what our impact is on the environment. We make a conscious choice to work with recycled or sustainably credited yarns. We responsibly make and order our products to ensure we are minimising our contribution to landfill.


THE ROCKS PUSH understands and gratefully appreciates that how we live on our journey around the world matters. Whether that impact is personal or environmental - we are accountable for what we do as individuals and companies. We're not perfect but THE ROCKS PUSH continues to take steps to lead to a better tomorrow.

THE ROCKS PUSH is committed to building a sustainable future, not just with what we do, but by also supporting others who have the same dream of making tomorrow better.

For 10 years our impact partner has been the Australian Marine Conservation Society. Australia's only national charity dedicated exclusively to protecting ocean wildlife and their homes.

To support their incredible work, THE ROCKS PUSH specifically designs and produces a limited-edition pair of recyclable board shorts each year.

100% of profits are donated to the Australian Marine Conservation Society.

The Shorts for Summer 2023 are THE ROCKS PUSH Balmoral Orcas X AMCS.