At THE ROCKS PUSH, we believe in the power of collective impact and the positive change that businesses can bring to the world. That's why we're excited to share our partnership with i=change, where we donate $1 from every single order to support one of three carefully chosen charities.

Our commitment to social responsibility goes beyond offering quality products; it's about creating a meaningful impact on the issues that matter. With i=change, every purchase becomes an opportunity to contribute to causes that resonate with our values and, we believe, with yours too.

We've carefully selected three impactful charities, each addressing critical challenges in areas such environmental conservation and community empowerment. Your purchase allows you to choose which cause you'd like to support, giving you the power to direct our donation to the charity closest to your heart.

From supporting education initiatives for underprivileged children to championing environmental sustainability, our partnership with these charities reflects our dedication to creating positive change. Join us in making a difference, one order at a time. Together, we can turn every purchase into a force for good, building a better world for all. Thank you for being a part of THE ROCKS PUSH'S mission for positive change.

You can read more about our 3 selected charities at the links below - 

SeaBin Foundation - Clean The Seas 

Restore The Reef - Greening Australia

Futures Without Violence - Coaching Boys Into Men