How to Wax Your Surfboard

How to Wax Your Surfboard

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How to Wax Your Surfboard

Waxing a surfboard is easy and important if you’re keen to have a tight grip between your feet and your board. 

Surf wax is designed to meet a range of needs including water temperature, the smell of the wax and whether you choose natural or synthetic materials.

First, apply a base coat to your board to get an anti-slippery layer that will last longer than the top basic coat.

Here are the common places to apply wax to your board depending on the type of board you are surfing.  It’s most important to apply wax where you’ll be standing on the board.

Where to Apply Surf Wax

Longboarders often wax their entire boards so they can walk up and down the board.

There are a handful of board waxing techniques - criss-cross, random, vertical, horizontal, oblique, and circular rubbing.

But please be sure to remove old, dirty and unsticky wax before you apply a new layer of wax.  The wax will come with a comb and one side of the comb has a straight edge for removing old wax.

Here are the steps

  1. Get yourself some surfboard wax and a surf comb
  2. Remove the old wax from your surfboard deck using the wax comb;
  3. Apply a new coat of wax over the surfboard - using any technique listed above - until you get small bumps all over

When you surf next, comb your deck and add the extra layer of top-coat wax lost in the previous surf so you’re surfing on fresh wax each time.

It’s ideal to remove all the wax from your surfboard every few months and start again.

Our favourite surfboard wax is from Green Planet Surfer and is made from local beeswax, it’s petrochemical free and is marine life safe.  They have cool surf wax for cooler water temperatures and warm surf wax for tropical water temperatures.

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