The Rocks Push was one of the most powerful gangs that ruled Sydney in the 1800’s.  Members were easily recognisable as they were the best dressed in town.

Today we want to look good, feel great and make a difference with our choices.

We believe in using recycled materials. Because old water bottles and salvaged fishing nets look better on you than they do clogging landfills and polluting oceans.

We believe in ethically manufacturing so everyone has a better tomorrow. 

We believe life is too short to only have fun on holidays.

We believe we all leave a legacy.

We believe you can look good and feel good while doing good.



OUR SHORTS - Made from recycled plastic bottles which helps clean the ocean

We use a fabric called REPREVE® to make THE ROCKS PUSH shorts.

Recycled plastic bottles are cleaned, chopped, melted and turned into REPREVE resin. Then the resin is melted, extruded and transformed into REPREVE a high quality recycled fibre, then made into fabric.

We’ve created two styles of shorts for men and one for boys’.

Each pair is double stitched for durability, features secure drawstrings and is crafted from sturdy, quick-dry nylon which gives them the added stretch factor. 

There are five plastic bottles in every pair of THE ROCKS PUSH men’s shorts.

OUR LINEN SHIRTS - Made from 100% European flax which reduce CO2

THE ROCKS PUSH linen shirts are made from certified European flax which helps reduce our global carbon footprint. Flax also helps soil renew, it uses just rainwater and requires no additional irrigation, fertilisers or pesticides for the 100-day growing cycle. 

THE ROCKS PUSH linen shirts are moisture-wicking, durable and soft. They will keep you looking cool and fresh on those balmy summer nights. Throw them on with THE ROCKS PUSH recycled swim short and you’re ready to go.

OUR RASHIES - Made from recycled lycra

THE ROCKS PUSH rashies are made in Australia from recycled Lycra which otherwise would become landfill. 

THE ROCKS PUSH rashies are soft to touch, light to wear, quick to dry, as well as chlorine resistant, they feature flat lock stitching for durability and most importantly, SPF50 protection - the perfect rashie for everyone!


Ten years ago, The Rocks Push understood that how we live on our journey around the world matters.

Whether that impact is personal or environmental - we are accountable for what we do as individuals and companies. Whilst we don’t claim to be perfect, THE ROCKS PUSH consciously thinks about what will make a better tomorrow.

THE ROCKS PUSH is committed to building a sustainable future, not just with what we do, but by also supporting others who have the same dream. Over the years we’ve supported many causes.  We’ve partnered with The Great Barrier Reef, we’ve supported The Australian Marine Conservation Society and others.

We channel a percentage of our profits to campaigns that are working to protect our planet because like them, we are conscious of tomorrow.